Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
The Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services values each person who participates in ABOS events and social media. Respect and courtesy to others is expected to be shown at all times by those who participate in any manner.

General Conduct:
  • Communications should be done in a positive, safe and harassment-free environment of mutual respect, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion or political beliefs.
  • Excessive swearing and/or offensive language, including jokes, pictures or videos will not be allowed. ABOS will be the arbiter of what constitutes offensive materials. Any possible offensive materials should be brought to the attention of the ABOS president.
  • Professional behavior will be expected.
  • ABOS reserves the right to all marketing, promotional and advertising of ABOS events. Permission must be obtained from ABOS authorized persons for use of the ABOS logo or ABOS materials.
  • Comments on social networking sites are open to all but are moderated by ABOS committee members. Comments should be relevant to the specific post they are attached to. Spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted. ABOS reserves the right to remove any comment or disable all comments if necessary.

Conference or other events:
ABOS hopes that each person attending will have a rewarding experience at meetings, workshops and other sponsored events. Respectful and courteous behavior will be shown by all that attend. So that the focus is on the gathering and the networking that results, the following behavior will be expected of attendees and others associated with the meeting.
  • Professional demeanor is expected at all presentations, workshops and meetings. Disruptions by loud talking, disrespectful interruptions or physical harassment will not be tolerated.
  • No unauthorized photographs or recordings may be made without the approval or the speaker/presenter.
  • ABOS reserves the right to change workshops, speakers, events and venues without prior notice. Changes will be announced or posted.
  • No unauthorized sales will be allowed. All sales must be approved prior to the event by authorized ABOS persons.
  • Vendors and their staff are included in this code of conduct. It is also expected that attendees will display the same courtesy to the vendors.
  • Anyone engaging in behavior which violates this code of conduct will be asked to cease thenoted behavior immediately. Event organizers may take any action deemed appropriate, including warning the offender to expulsion from the event without refund or compensation.

Concerns should be brought to the attention of authorized ABOS persons or

to members of the ABOS board of directors
All concerns will be held in confidence.

Approved by the ABOS Board of Directors 9-26-2016

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